Lightning Strikes the Crown

by - I R O N F L A M E -

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Raúl Carreño
Raúl Carreño thumbnail
Raúl Carreño Great US Power Metal!
I'm glad to have found this CD in the recommendations!

Greetings! Favorite track: Firestorm.
antares8001 thumbnail
antares8001 Really great heavy metal with a bit of early Helloween'esque power metal and USPM thrown in there. The singer also sounds a bit like Michael Kiske and Geoff Tate although with less ear piercing 5th octave notes, but still amazing nonetheless. The same can be said about the instruments. The songs are catchy but not cheesy, nor are they overly simple. Definitely a band I will keep an eye on in the future. Favorite track: Marching On.
Agent Michael Ford
Agent Michael Ford thumbnail
Agent Michael Ford It's hard to pick a favorite track for this album. It came out of nowhere and is a phenomenal offering. I would consider it "proto" power metal though I'm sure some would disagree. If you like power or trad heavy metal this an awesome spin. Favorite track: Firestorm.
Andy O)))
Andy O))) thumbnail
Andy O))) USPM that isn't afraid to slow things down. Carrying the much-missed Dawnbringer torch.
heavymetalweatherman thumbnail
heavymetalweatherman Thanks to Andrew and his pals for reminding me that heavy metal can be fun and still be seriously awesome. This album is catchy as all hell and I'm just loving it - headbanging and fist-pumping like a maniac to this one! Favorite track: Eternal Night.
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released May 22, 2017

ANDREW D’CAGNA - music & lyrics
JIM DOFKA - guitar solo on
Firestorm & Fallen Glory
AARON CAREY - guitar
solo on Marching On
& Shadow Queen
JUSTIN WOOD - guitar solo on
The Gorgon & Eternal Night
JOHNATHAN CROW - guitar solo on
Heavy Metal Warriors & What We’ve Sown
Cover art by Dorian Cleavenger



all rights reserved


- I R O N F L A M E - Washington, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Firestorm
- Firestorm -
Do you recall so long ago on that terrible night?
He came from the mountains as legends foretold, to show us his might
A bellow of thunder erupts from his lungs with a deafening sound
He’s come to relieve our almighty king of his glorious crown

So hungry for riches, so thirsty for gold
His greed knows no boundaries, his conscience is cold
The sky turns to darkness as his wings unfold

There’s nowhere to run when the dragon arrives
His fiery breath raining down from the skies
He’s come for us all and no one will survive
So gather your children and run for your lives

No one could foresee the tantrum of rage he’d unleash on us all
The smoke and the flames billowing out of our once hallowed halls
With effortless grace he breaks through the castle’s impregnable walls
Our fate is sealed, against his great power we’re destined to fall
Track Name: Marching On
- Marching On -
The dawn has arrived, the winds blowing cold
We’re carving a pathway deep into the snow
Our glory awaits, we’ve taken the throne
May the joy of this victory carry us home

A glimmer of hope is what’s kept us alive
Over every mountain, across the divide
We answer the call and defend what is right
We’ll never die, no!
For we are the strong and the strong will survive

We’re marching, we’re marching on

Our hearts are ablaze with honor and pride
Our banners ascending aloft in the sky
With the gods on our side, the battle is won
They will sing of our courage for ages to come
Track Name: The Gorgon
- The Gorgon -
Cursed to wear a crown of serpents on her head
Upon her face belies a mask of living death
You’ve been sent upon a quest to take her life
But beware, don’t ever look into her eyes

Get ready to fight!
She’s coming, and there’s no escape
From the gaze of the Gorgon’s eyes

Such a cruel disguise
Look of death in her eyes
Bringing your demise
When Medusa comes to claim her prize

In her lair, now forsaken and alone
Icy stare, turning mortal men to stone
Lie in wait, casting shadows on the wall
It’s your fate to take your head after she falls

Cursed by the gods to haunt this ancient place
No mortal man shall live to see her face
Track Name: Heavy Metal Warriors
- Heavy Metal Warriors -
Tonight’s the night, it’s time for the show
Prepare for the metal attack
Gather the armies, it’s time to go
Our soldiers are all dressed in black

In the name of metal
We would lay down our lives

From far and wide we hear the call
For heavy metal claims us all
We stand together rise or fall
And though the battle rages on
The name of metal makes us strong
And we’ll forever sing our song

We shall be the ones victorious
For we are heavy metal warriors
See our metal shine so glorious
For we are heavy metal warriors

In the streets, we’ve come for a fight
You’re trapped and there is no way out
In denim and leather, we’re taking the night
Let me hear you stand up and shout

Your town lays in waste, our wheels hit the road
We now leave your city to burn
Onto the next one, again we must go
Just pray that we never return

In the name of metal
We would lay down our lives
Track Name: Eternal Night
- Eternal Night -
Let the twilight come and set us free
From our sunken crypts we rise to feed
With the gift of immortality
And the power of ancient majesty

Blood, sweet blood
Coarsing through you veins, we need your
Blood, sweet blood
Forever more, we are the . . .

Children of eternal night
Our world forever draped in black
Like a raven we take flight
From here there is no turning back

Let the nightfall rise and call our name
With a hunger like an endless flame
In our thirst for blood, we have no shame
You’re a helpless pawn in our endgame

Blood, sweet blood
Flowing from your veins, we need your
Blood, sweet blood
Forever more, we are the . . .

Let the darkness break these chains that bind
Let the sunset be our time to shine
In this life nocturnal, so sublime
In the shadows till the end of time

Blood, sweet blood
Calling out your name, we need your
Blood, sweet blood
Forever more, we are the . . .
Track Name: Fallen Glory
- Fallen Glory -
Tonight we gather once again
Under moonlit skies
To hail our brethren one and all
Those who gave their lives

We'll never see your face again
But we won’t forget you my old friend

Here’s to the fallen
The ones who gave it all
Answered the calling
You’re bathed in glory, standing tall

So many battles lost and won
Marching on through time
Your bravery won’t be left unsung
We raise our swords on high
Track Name: What We've Sown
- What We've Sown -
So far away, deep within our minds
Led us astray, from what we keep inside
Night conquers day, light fades away
Lost all control, wandering through the night
All that we’ve feared, finally come to light
Night conquers day, light fades way

Soon we will see what we’ve done
Done to ourselves and the ones we love
Things that cannot be undone
It’s our mistake, now we’re reaping what we’ve sown

We’re on our own
There’ll be no forgiveness now

This is the end of our fragile time
She will defend herself against mankind
Track Name: Shadow Queen
- Shadow Queen -
Deep within these castle walls
There is a shadow stalking me
And like a veil it blinds my eyes
Now I can't see
And I can hear her siren’s call
And once again she calls my name
And I’m entranced just like a moth
Drawn to the flame

There’s no escape from her embrace
You’re in her sights and now
You know it’s far too late
She’s the shadow queen

You’ve been a fool to come this far
You’ll never make it out alive
There ain’t no chance you’ll
Ever live to see the light
You better turn back while you can
I’ll never see your face again
Her empty touch will bring
No solace in the end

There’s no escape from her embrace
You’re in her sights and now
You know it’s far too late
She’s the shadow queen